• Tree Climbing

    two types of ¨trails¨ built within the trees

  • Groups

    Paraty Sport Aventura serves school groups or business training


    Roping down is a vertical activity practiced with the use of ropes and appropriate equipments to go down highwalls.
    The descent is monitored.

  • The Trellis Trail

    700 meters right trough the treetops!
    An other adventure!

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Tree Climbing

­In Paraty Sport Aventura, there are five types of ¨trails¨ built within the trees.

The obstacles are hung up in the trees and connected to each other, with diversified activities and levels to be passed by the apprentice!

Check out our paths, their difficulties and activities!

The Green Trail

Difficulty: Easy

23 Activities

Minimum height: 1.30 m (4,2 feet high)

Includes: trellis, net, and much more…

Red Route

Difficulty: Regular / Hard

27 activities

Minimum height: 1.55 m (5 feet high)

You can find: Tarzan´s jump, Via Ferrata and lots of adrenaline… !


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