• Tree Climbing

    two types of ¨trails¨ built within the trees

  • Groups

    Paraty Sport Aventura serves school groups or business training


    Roping down is a vertical activity practiced with the use of ropes and appropriate equipments to go down highwalls.
    The descent is monitored.

  • The Trellis Trail

    700 meters right trough the treetops!
    An other adventure!

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Tree Climbing (approx. 1: 30h) R$ 75,00
Rappel (1h) R$ 100,00
Trellis Trail (30 min) R$ 75,00
Package 2 activities (approx. 2 to 3 hours) R$ 100,00
Kayak – 1 hour R$ 40,00
Kayak – additional hour R$ 15,00
Kayak – Daily R$ 80,00
Canyoning (agendamento mínimo 2 pessoas) R$ 400,00 por pessoa



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